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R&L Construction was founded in 2001 as a small family owned and operated business.  Since then our crew has grown significantly, but we have not lost our customer focused and quality oriented  approach to construction. 

R&L was founded in 2001 by Randall and Lisa Campbell, which answers the most commonly asked question, "what does the L stand for?".  We had our beginnings doing small residential and agricultural remodeling jobs.  This all changed in 2003 when a large snow storm damaged several poultry houses around the valley, leading to a shortage of contractors to rebuild all of the houses as quickly as possible.  We helped fill that shortage, and have been building quality poultry houses and other agricultural structures ever since. 

After that initial influx of poultry houses due to the snow, business didn't drop off, so as our reputation continued to grow around the valley, so did the size of our crew.  We also branched out into other types of agricultural construction as well as light commercial and residential construction.   The continued growth led to us purchasing our own concrete forms in 2006, and then later our first concrete pump truck in 2013.  Our latest big addition was the building of our office and shop in 2015.

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